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Calm Retribution, the 4th book to be written by Alan Starforth is close to being released, check back at a later date for more information!


The Wagnerian Assignment - The true life last mission of Colonel Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Hitler's chief of special troops was to fortify and protect the Obersalzburg region around Berchtesgaden and the Berghof to enable him to protect his Fuhrer. On arrival he found the area void of war with nothing in place forcing him to disappear into the mountains and see out the end of the war. What was the truth? Did this happen, or did he protect his Fuhrer? With the help of allied intelligence was Hitler helped to escape justice?

Guise - All humans are born pure, whether rich or poor time corrupts the soul. Some take on the mantle of evil through supernatural interference that inhabit the world. At the age of fifteen Dave Caswell enlists to fight in the trenches of France. Will he be able to kill his countries enemy?

Ultimate Death of a Nation - After a long career serving his country Miles Arnold of the Miami Drug Enforcement Agency finds he needs to use the skills gained while in the United States Marine Corps. Brought into the world of lies, deceit, and murder he once again comes up against the sadistic leader of the Merira drug cartel of Venezuela and finds himself determined to bring his criminal empire down around him.